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Color Seminars & Keynote Speeches

We'll bring the power of color to you.

Color professor Jill Morton offers a series of seminars and custom workshops that will create a color impact in your business and in your life. We cover all aspects of color—from design theory to color psychology and marketing.

We offer several kinds of informative seminars about the powerful aspects of color. We'll also customize a seminar to address your industry or specific needs. If you prefer a light-hearted approach to color, informal lectures and keynote speeches are also available. A brief description of each kind of seminar is provided below.

Color Logic

Here's a list of color topics that can be tailored to fit your needs:

  • Color Symbolism and Trends
    The "timeless and timely" meanings of colors
    Predicting trends and knowing how to use them

  • Color and Marketing
    The powerful and persuasive force of color in marketing and brand identity

  • Visual Effects of Color
    How colors create high or low visibility, relax or irritate the eyes

  • Physiological Effects of Color
    How colors affect our moods, concentration, appetite and other aspects of our physical being.

  • Color Harmony and Design Concepts
    Formulas for color harmony and successful design
    This topic can be customized for specific design areas such as architecture or interior design

  • Color Demographics and Personal Preference
    The effects of age, gender, nationality, religion, and other factors on color perceptions

Note: Colorful slides are used throughout the seminar.


Color Matters

Here are some informal topics that will entertain any audience:

  • Getting in touch with your inner color
    What colors say about your personality
    How to use your favorite colors for your benefit

  • How colors evoke emotional reactions
    Love ‘em and hate ‘em colors
    Forbidden colors --- colors to avoid
  • The Top Ten Color Trends
    How to predict future trends
    Color trends to avoid

  • Intuitive Color Design
    Creating visual pleasure
    Easy guidelines for color harmony

Note: Colorful slides are used throughout the seminar.


Custom Workshops

Specialized educational sessions are also available. A color seminar can be custom designed for any industry (such as technology, healthcare, interior design), or any specialized area. We recently presented a "Color Academy" for the Xerox sales teams in Austria and Switzerland.

A typical color seminar can be scheduled for half a day, a full day or two sessions on two different days. Workshops lasting a week or longer can be scheduled to meet your requirements.

 Online Courses from Colorcom pro Jill Morton
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