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Welcome to Colorcom - The Color Consultant Experts

Welcome to Colorcom - The Color Consultant Experts

“Color is the place where our brain and the universe meet.” Paul Klee

Color is a subliminally persuasive force. Color captures attention, relaxes or irritates the eyes, and sends a powerful message. The right color will make a product or business succeed; the wrong color can be an irreversible mistake. Colorcom's color consultant experts have the answers.

We'll help you find the most successful colors for your purposes—and for your targeted audience—with our color expertise and statistics about color from our database.  Color psychology and symbolism, visual effects, and harmonious design form the basis of the services we offer for your project.

Color consultation is available in a wide range of areas: brand identity, product design, packaging design, logos, and corporate image.  We also offer specialized color services for web and user interface design, architecture, and interior design.

Colorcom's colorful projects are as diverse as our clients — technology, healthcare, apparel, sporting goods, finance, automobile, law, and many other industry sectors. See a short list in our Portfolio of Color Consultation Projects.

We also bring color directly to you with our seminars, keynote speeches, workshops, and publications.

You can trust us to engineer the effects of color for your goals.

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