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Architecture & Interior Color Design

Architecture is the art we live with — and live in.

Color influences our experiences and enhance the architectural form in the same way that it does with all design. However, the effects of color are so powerful that this has become a specialized area — and Colorcom has been creating colorful exterior and interior color designs for buildings and homes since 1989. We'll bring our expertise to projects with developers, builders, architects, property managers or homeowners.

We're not just the typical breed of a consultant with an impressive portfolio. Founder Jill Morton has served as adjunct faculty at the School of Architecture, University of Hawaii and the Interior Design Department at Chaminade University. If you need a consultant who is dedicated to the art and science of color, Colorcom would be delighted to work with you. (And we even have a unique specialty in scientific analysis of historical colors.)


 Architectural Color Design Projects

Recent Projects

Color palettes for this luxury private club and community
These colors were determined by extensive research of the historical colors of plantation housing on the island of Kaua'i, Hawaii

Hokulani Condominiums - Kailua, Hawaii

Koko Isle Condominium - Honolulu, Hawaii

Historical Architectural Color Projects

Ewa Plantation Village
Ewa, Hawaii
"Ewa Plantation Villages Revitalization Project" was selected for Historic Preservation Honor Award.

Historical Color Research - Plantation Housing Colors - Kauai, Hawaii

Kaua'i, Hawaii


Village Gardens - Carpenteria, California
Maui Divers - Hawaii
Kentucky Fried Chicken - Hawaii
Westin Kauai - Hawaii
Waikiki Grand Hotel
Kahuku Hospital - Hawaii
Sunset Shores Condominium, Hawaii

Interior Color Design Projects

Color is the single most important element in creating interior spaces that reflect mood and style.

We offer a variety of color consultation services to help you find successful solutions to interior and architectural design.

Commercial Interiors

Muse Karaoke, Honolulu
Maui Divers - Honolulu and Waikoloa Shopping Center, Maui
Chi Chi’s / Pablo Parrot Bar and Grill
Waikiki Grand Hotel
Straub Hospital
Kahuku Hospital

Residential Interiors

Henry Chan Residence – Nauru Tower, Honolulu, Hawaii
Charles Higa Residence – One Waterfront, Honolulu, Hawaii
Nassau, Bahamas-Tolaini Residence