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 Learn the language of color consultation in this online course from Colorcom's pro, Jill Morton


Do you want to use color to its fullest potential? If you need the most comprehensive and objective information about color symbolism, this course is for you.

Instead of color confusion, you'll be able to use color confidently with the most up-to-date training in the psychology of color symbolism. It’s taught by a Colorcom pro Jill Morton whose clients include Fortune 500 companies - and who's also a University professor and the author of 10 books about color.

Learning color has never been easier. The 16 colorful videos illustrate much more than just reading about a color. You'll visually experience colors as part of the learning process instead of having to imagine it. The worksheets and resources are powerful references for your color projects and the quizzes are a fun way to test your knowledge.

We're betting that the colors you know will take on new and perhaps entirely different meanings.

After you complete this course, you'll receive a formal certificate that confirms your completion of "The Psychology of Color Symbolism" course.

Organic Color Symbolism - an online course

Learn the basics of color symbolism in this 2 hour course about the universal messages and meanings of color derived from nature.

Take it at your own pace - or complete the course in less than 2 hours.

  • You'll know the most basic and powerful formula for determining the symbolism of any color.
  • You'll learn the simple process for analyzing the timeless symbolism of colors.
  • You'll explore the importance of personal feelings about color - and how to use them for the best results.

Enroll now and get immediate access to "Organic Color Symbolism." 

Jill Morton, the head consultant at Colorcom,  explains why she created these online courses:

"During the past 20 years of practice, the most common question I receive is about the best color for something important in a person's business or life in general. People need help choosing the most effective color for a logo for their business, or a product, a web site, a room in their home or office, a building, and countless other things. I'm creating courses that give people the knowledge and tools for using color successfully on their own - without costly color consultation fees. In summary, I'm taking everything I know about color, everything I've been teaching about color, and packaging these concepts into online courses. In essence, I'm showing students exactly how I work with every aspect of color."

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