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Color Matters

Explore every dimension of color at Color Matters, our award-winning educational web site. Jill Morton, the primary consultant at Colorcom, is the author and illustrator of over 100 pages of factual information about color.

Find out about pink jail cells, green wedding dresses, red contact lens for chickens and blue food. Here's a sampling of areas to visit:

Color Wheel - Color and Design
Color and Design


Color and Appetite

How Color Affects the Body / Does Color Affect Taste


Color Symbolism - The meanings of color

 Color Symbolism


Color and Marketing - Medications

Color and Marketing


Pink Jail Cell

How Color Affects the Body: Drunk Tank Pink

One of the great color myths claims that pink jail cells calm angry prisoners. Some even say that pink makes strong men weak. Not true! Find out the facts at Color Matters