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Web, iPhone Apps, User Interface Design

Color is a key component of successful website, iPhone app, and user interface design. It must be functional and aesthetically pleasing at the same time. The right colors create engaging visual and psychological effects; the wrong colors can create irreversible results.

Color functions on several levels simultaneously in website, iPhone app, and user interface design:

  • Color plays a critical role in functionality. The right colors draw the eye to the most important areas on a small or large screen.
  • The right colors maximize readability and minimize optical fatigue. The wrong colors strain the eyes and lower the level of comprehension.
  • Color communicates. It delivers symbolic meanings that support and enhance the visual experience or individual elements within a design whether it's a web page or an iPhone screen.

  • Color makes things look good. It pleases the eye and sustains visual interest.

Consider these facts:

Marketing research indicates that over 80% of visual information is related to color. In other words, color conveys information–and sometimes color signals are so subliminal that no one notices. Color can clearly identify a product or a company or communicate the quality of the merchandise.

The right color is worth a thousand words–and can even make a multi-million dollar difference. In fact, Microsoft invested $80,000,000 in finding the right link color—just the link color— for their Bing search engine. (See the article written by Colorcom's President, Jill Morton: "A Color that's Worth $80,000,000.")

About Color and Website Design

A website is basically a marketing tool, representing the company's products and services. It's also a reflection of the company's personality—and there's no greater way to communicate the characteristics of your business than color.

Also, bear in mind that a web site is unlike any pre-existing visual form of communication. It is an interactive space through which a person navigates. This visitor determines what is seen and how long it is seen. Within less than 10 seconds, a visitor decides to explore the site or depart. Color can engage the visitor; color can even persuade a person to buy a product or service.

About Our Professional Staff

Colorcom's staff brings a unique blend of design, color and technical expertise to all areas of design for the World Wide Web, iPhones, and any product that relies on successful user interface design.

Jill Morton heads the user interface team and color psychology team. Her portfolio includes design work for Nokia mobile phones, Xerox products, and numerous websites—including the design of this site.

Kevin Morrison heads our web design team. His expertise lies in the delivery of profitable, effective and usable websites. Contact Kevin

Corey Taira is Colorcom's iPhone app designer. He's also a database guru with more than 10 years of experience.